At Love's Asphalt Solutions, we are constantly seeking hard-working and goal driven individuals to join our fast growing company. 

Laborer Responsibilities include:

*Shovel and Rake Asphalt

*Asphalt Sealcoat Operations

       -Spray and/or broom sealcoat

      -Clean and prepare asphalt for sealcoating

      -Other on-the-job labor tasks

*Line Striping Operations

      -Prepare and load all tools and equipment needed

      -Paint various items on parking lot, i.e. bollards, curbs, etc.

*Shop and Vehicle Maintenance

      -Clean and complete timely maintenance on company vehicles and equipment

      -Clean all tools and equipment and properly store them

      -Keep shop and yard well maintained/organized.

If you are interested in joining the Love's Asphalt team, please email  your resume which details your skills experience to